Samsung unveils rolling robot 'Ballie' designed to follow you around and keep you company

SAMSUNG has shown off a new tennis ball-like robot built to act as your companion at home.

The tiny assistant is designed to follow you around, helping you with daily chores and even serving as your personal fitness instructor.

Dubbed "Ballie", the machine was unveiled on Monday at the CES 2020 tech conference in Las Vegas.

Samsung boss HS Kim showed the robot was able to follow its user closely at the heels while still respecting their personal space.

When he stopped walking, the robot rolled back to give him space, while it sped up when Kim quickened his step.

"I think he likes me," Kim joked in front of a bemused audience.

Like an Amazon Echo or Google Home smart speaker, Ballie is voice-activated.

As well as shadowing you, it can help with your chores by activating other smart home gadgets like robot vacuums when it thinks your house needs a clean.

Ballie can also push you to get fitter by gently nudging you to keep moving.

The bot can patrol your home for security purposes and even keep your dog company when you're out of the home, Kim said.

It's not clear when Samsung plans to release the robot to the public, or how much it will cost.

Also during its press conference, Samsung teased a pair of augmented reality smart glasses.

They were part of a demonstration of its GEMS mobility exoskeleton first seen last year, which is used to help improve mobility in those with mobility conditions.

The presentation also included suggestions of smart homes complete with food preparation robots.

Kim called the next wave of innovations the "age of experience", which he said will see technology become more personalised for each user during the next decade.

"In the age of experience, we need to re-think the space we have to accommodate our diverse and evolving lifestyles," he said.

"What makes Samsung's approach unique is the fact that we have a very clear philosophy built around human-centered innovation. We build and create to solve problems and enhance people's lives."

The first day of announcements at the technology convention in Las Vegas also saw Sony tease a surprise move into connected cars, with the unveiling of its Vision-C concept, which it says will combine safety and entertainment using the firm's range of sensor and audio/visual technology.

The four-day convention officially opened on Tuesday, where more than 150,000 people are expected to see the thousands of new gadgets on show, which also include a foldable PC from Lenovo and a range of other robots, smart speakers and wearable devices.

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