launches time-limited Galaxy S10 deals - from JUST £23 a month

NEW smartphones mean better tech – they also means better deals as retailers discount previous generations to tempting prices.

And online mobile phone retailer has provided very tempting discounts, with market-leading Samsung’s Galaxy S10 deals.

With the Galaxy S20 handsets expected in the near future, it's a sensible time to pick up an S10 deal if you don't demand top spec – especially as it's still a great handset.

And if you’ve been waiting on the price and want to get hold of a top smartphone, you're in luck. is offering three time-limited Galaxy S10 deals, including more affordable and larger data options.

The most affordable, on EE, costs just £23 a month (£150 upfront) and comes with 4GB of data at a total cost of £702 over two years.

It's not the best for constant streaming or data on the go, but suits general connectivity, and browsing online and social media.

Plus £23 a month for the S10's features is nothing short of fantastic.

  • Galaxy S10, on EE, 4GB data, £23 a month (£150 up front) – buy here

The middle option, also on EE, is £28 a month (£99 upfront), with 16GB data at a total cost of £771.

Better suited to regular streaming of video, music and gaming, a sub-£30 a month contract beats the competition at 16GB.

  • Galaxy S10, on EE, 16GB data, £28 a month (£99 up front) – buy here

And finally, the largest S10 deal – data-wise – from is on O2. It offers 20GB of data for £30 a month (£50 upfront), at a low total cost of £770.

If you're a heavier data user, and really want 20GB of data to play with, you can save yourself a few quid with this deal.

  • Galaxy S10, on O2, 20GB data, £30 a month (£50 up front) – buy here

One of the three deals likely to suit all but the most data-hungry, and each is the best we can currently see anywhere.

Of course the S10 only released in March of last year, so it's hardly old tech – and it's still one of the best Android phones on the market.

We got hands-on with the powerhouse last year and were very impressed – it's a fantastic looking phone and has plenty to be excited about.

Even more so if you're upgrading from an older generation or lower spec Android device.

If you're considering a SIM-only deal, you won't find better than Three's Unlimited, £20 a month, 5G ready offer.

Meanwhile the upcoming Galaxy S20 had its official images leaked before being pulled offline.

And insiders reckon Apple's 'cheap £399 iPhone 9' is being built for a March launch.

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